About Us

The Canadian Wetlands Roundtable (Roundtable) is a multi-stakeholder partnership of Industry, conservation organizations and Environment and Climate Change Canada formed to conserve and improve the management of Canada’s wetlands for the health, safety and well-being of people and the thousands of species that depend on these habitats for survival.

Since 2015, the Roundtable has been dedicated to putting wetlands on Canada’s national agenda in a way that fosters sustainable land and resource use, while drawing attention to the unique role that these “super ecosystems” play in mitigating climate change and halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

Co-chaired by Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association, the goal of the Roundtable is to advance wetland conservation in partnership with other sectors.

Our Vision

Sustainability through Responsible Management of Canada’s Wetlands

Our Mission

Through sound science and meaningful partnerships, the Roundtable is committed to securing Canada’s position as a global leader in the responsible management and conservation of wetlands.

Finding solutions and building support for wetland conservation

This realization and the pressures of climate change impacts has created an increased sense of urgency around the importance of wetland conservation. It has also been the impetus behind growing collaboration and investment through partnerships amongst a diversity of resource sectors, landowners, Indigenous communities, governments and non-governmental organizations. Growing our partnerships is critical for progressing wetland research, developing beneficial management practices and tools and for implementing wetland conservation projects across the landscape.

Public and stakeholder engagement is critical to conserving Canada’s wetlands. The Roundtable is applying current science and building support for progressive policies and legislation. We strive to make Canadians more aware of the benefits of wetlands and to create common ground for industry and conservation to work effectively together.

Focus Areas


Identify knowledge gaps for improved wetland sustainability


Motivate the government and the public to conserve wetlands


Encourage the adoption of beneficial management practices that enable wetland conservation through responsible management


Inform the development of regulation and policy that support wetland conservation and sustainable use


Support action-oriented wetland conservation initiatives with measurable outcomes


Promote the measurement of and reporting on progress in wetland conservation


Communicate wetland conservation information to industry, policy makers and other stakeholders


Communicate the environmental, social and economic value of wetlands


The Canadian Wetlands Roundtable is led by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee of representatives from both the public and private sectors. We collaborate with numerous national organizations that have a shared interest in natural infrastructure in general, and wetlands in particular.

"We believe that wetland protection, conservation and sustainable use can be balanced to enable land and resource uses that benefit our communities, society and economy."

Steering Committee

Brodie Berrigan

Director of Government Relations and Farm Policy
Canadian Federation of Agriculture

James Brennan

National Director of Industry & Government Relations
Ducks Unlimited Canada

Patricia Farnese

Associate Professor of Law
University of Saskatchewan

Neil Fletcher

Director Conservation Stewardship
British Columbia Wildlife Federation

Pat Kehoe (Co-chair)

Chief Conservation Officer
Ducks Unlimited Canada

Dr. Brigitte Leblon

President Canadian Remote Sensing Society and Professor – Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management
University of New Brunswick

Kate Lindsay

Vice President – Sustainability and Environment
Forest Products Association of Canada

Cameron Mack

Executive Director
Wildlife Habitat Canada

Jack O’Neill

Land Director
Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

Danielle Soulard

Science and Regulatory Affairs Officer
CropLife Canada

Jacey Scott

Section Head – Wetlands Office and Regional Operations Directorate
Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Asha Hingorani (Co-chair)

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association

Dean Smith

NAWMP Director and Wildlife Liaison for Canada
Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA)

Larry Thomas

Environment Manager
Canadian Cattle Association

Charleen McCartney

Environment and Sustainability Policy
Canadian Canola Growers Association

Bill Wareham

Project Manager
Canadian Wetlands Roundtable

Erin Brown

National Policy Analyst
Ducks Unlimited Canada
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