Canadian Wetlands Roundtable

Sustainability through Responsible Management of Canada’s Wetlands

Wetlands Matter

Responsible wetland management, planning, decision-making and implementation is critical to Canada’s future, and indeed the future of our entire planet. Conservationists have long understood the importance of wetlands for wildlife and people, and in the past several decades, wetlands have been recognized for their critical role in the natural prevention of flooding and erosion. They also absorb carbon dioxide and filter pollutants from air and water. Together, these benefits make wetlands a premier nature-based solution.

Courtesy of Ducks Unlimited Canada

Encouraging wetland conservation and
responsible management through partnerships

The Canadian Wetlands Roundtable (Roundtable) seeks to expand its Industry and conservation network through partnerships and collaboration. The Roundtable continues to conduct outreach to various sectors with wetland interests.

Wetlands are nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions use the power of nature’s intact landscapes—like wetlands—to do the job they were designed to do by allowing naturally occurring ecological processes to filter stormwater run-off, prevent erosion and flooding and store carbon, all while simultaneously providing human well-being, ecosystem services, resilience and biodiversity benefits for wildlife and people.

It is estimated that Canada has lost 70 per cent of its wetlands across its urban and rural, settled landscapes. The loss of these wetlands means that we no longer have many of the nature-based solutions and benefits they provide.

Our wetland future is now

A partnership approach is critical to conserving Canada’s wetlands. We collaborate with industry and conservation organizations to make that happen.
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